What should I bring to my appointments? 


Please bring any information (scans, reports, referrals, etc.) specific to your health and medical history and the reason you are coming in to see us, as well as reading glasses (if applicable), socks, closed in footwear, comfortable clothes, a towel and a drink bottle.


Where do I meet for my first appointment? 


When you arrive at 22 Hunter Street, please walk down the driveway towards the garage, the access door is to the right of the garage. You can't miss it. 


What happens during my first visit? 


Our instructors take you a comprehensive assessment of your health goals and an introductory session which may include Pilates, exercise, movement technique, nutrition and/or coaching.

How do I pay? 


Cash or direct funds transfer is preferred.


 I can't commit to a regular time each week due to shift work/travel/kids/etc. Is there an option for me? 


Of course. The best thing to do is purchase a 5 Pack of Semi-Private Sessions and schedule the appointments you wish to attend by visiting http://ballypilates.cliniko.com/bookings. You have an unlimited amount of time to complete the sessions which is perfect for people with time constraints. 


How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment?


You can book, cancel and reschedule appointments online at http://ballypilates.cliniko.com/bookings or contact Maghan on 0409 799 339 or at maghan@ballypilates.com